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Tanzania was formed by a merger of the British colony of Tanganyika with the island of Zanzibar in 1964. Employment is mainly in agriculture.

Population: 49 million.
Languages: Mainland: Kiswahili, English, tribal languages; Zanzibar: Kiswahili, English, Arabic.
Main religions: Mainland: Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar: more than 99% Muslim

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Correspondence team leader Danielle Hinton

CBM activities There is a range of literature in Kiswahili, including the correspondence course. Please contact correspondence team leader for details.

Ecclesias Bulembo, Ifakara, Ikolongo, Ipinda, Kidodi, Kwambe, Lipingo, Masasi, Mbamba Bay, Mbeya Central, Mbezi, Mlimba, Mlowo, Mtupale, Musoma, Mwatenga, Ng’ombo, Nyarugusu 1, Nyarugusu 2, Ruhuwiko, Sinza Kigogo, Songea, Tukuyu, Usagara and Uyole (about 300 brothers and sisters in total).

Kiswahili literature

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Correspondence course:

  • CBM 40-lesson course


  • AIDS
  • Preparing for Baptism
  • My Faith
  • Who are the Christadelphians?
  • The Original Gospel
  • Christadelphian beliefs
  • Christ’s Way
  • Bible Reading Companion
  • The Devil and Satan
  • Did Jesus Christ really come down from heaven?
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Constitution
  • The Commandments of Christ
  • The Christadelphian Instructor
  • Why Does God Allow Suffering?
  • Raised to Judgement

Nyakusa literature

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  • In the Beginning
  • The Serpent