The most northerly of the Baltic states, Estonia gained independence from the Soviet union in 1991. The economy is undergoing a profound transformation with a rapidly-growing private sector and increased foreign trade with the West. Estonia joined the EU in May 2004.

Population: 1.3 million.
Language: Estonian.
Main religion: Protestant (Lutheran).

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CBM activities 5 visits are planned throughout the year. Activities are based on Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu with occasional visits elsewhere. We meet a good number of Estonian and Russian interested friends, mostly at Tallinn.

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Ecclesias None. 10 members in total.

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E = Available in Estonian; R = Available in Russian

Correspondence courses:

  • CBM 12-lesson course (R)
  • CBM 18-lesson course (E)
  • CBM 40-lesson course (E)


  • Bible Words (E)
  • Parables of Christ (E)
  • Studies in Genesis (E) (R)
  • The New Life in Christ (E) (R)
  • The Things We Stand For (R)


  • And Now For The Good News (R)
  • Creation – or Accident? (R)
  • Do You Believe in a Devil? (R)
  • Hope for a Hopeless World (R)
  • Is there a God? (R)
  • Jesus – God the Son or Son of God? (R)
  • One Bible, Many Churches (R)
  • Preparing for Baptism (E) (R)
  • The Resurrection of Christ – What it means to You (E) (R)
  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (R)
  • War, Aggression and the Christian Life (E) (R)
  • Who are the Christadelphians? (R)
  • Why Baptism Really matters (R)


  • A New World Coming – God’s Kingdom on Earth (E)
  • Baptism – its meaning and importance (E) (R)
  • Bible Companion/Reading Plan (E) (R)
  • Daily Discipleship (E) (R)
  • Fellowship on the way to the Kingdom (R)
  • God is Talking to You – Listen Carefully (E)
  • God the Creator (E)
  • God’s Promises – Past Present & Future (E) (R)
  • Heaven and Hell – What does the Bible Teach? (E) (R)
  • How to be saved – Bible Describes God’s way of Salvation (E)
  • Israel and the Second Coming of Christ (E)
  • Jesus Christ – Son of God (E)
  • Life after Death – What does the Bible Teach (E) (R)
  • My Beliefs (E) (R)
  • One Bible, Many Churches – Why? (E)
  • Resurrection & Judgement (E) (R)
  • Sin and Salvation (E)
  • Suffering – Why does God allow it? (E) (R)
  • The Bible – Guidebook for Life (E) (R)
  • The Christian Life (E)
  • The Devil – Who or What is it? (E) (R)
  • The Devil and Sin (E)
  • The Holy Spirit (E) (R)
  • The Holy Spirit – God’s Special Power (E)
  • The Jews in God’s Purpose (E) (R)
  • The Promised Land (R)
  • The Return of Jesus Christ to the Earth (E)
  • True Baptism (E)
  • What Christadelphians Believe (E) (R)
  • Why did Jesus Christ have to die? (E)