Russia is the leading member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), made up of the republics of the former Soviet Union. Changeover to a free market economy has been slow.

Population: 140 million.
Language: Russian.
Main religions: Russian Orthodox, Islam.

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CBM activities Brothers and sisters are mostly isolated. There are regular visits, an annual Bible school in the summer, a Youth Week in the summer, and several regional mini-Bible schools. There are many correspondence course students tutored by brothers and sisters in Montenegro, Chelyabinsk and Tomsk. Russian-language books, magazines and Sunday School lessons are produced.

Ecclesias Small groups in Bryansk, Chelyabinsk, Efremov, Kazan, Krasnodar, Lipetsk, Moscow, St Petersburg, Saratov, Talitsa, Tomsk, Yelets (about 200 members)

Russian literature

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  • After Death—What?
  • The Bible Companion
  • Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith
  • The Blood of Christ (Robert Roberts)
  • The Cherubim (J. Allfree)
  • The Commandments of Christ
  • Creation or Chance
  • Declaration
  • Do You Believe in a Devil?
  • Getting to Know God
  • Hope for a Hopeless World
  • Israel; God’s People, God’s Land
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses Examined
  • Now for the Good News
  • One Bible, Many Churches
  • The Personal Return of Jesus Christ
  • Preparing for Baptism
  • The Significance of Colours and Numbers in Scripture (M. D. Stewart)
  • There is a World-wide Family
  • The Things We Stand For
  • Trinitarian Texts Examined (J. Allfree)
  • The True Gospel (Declaration)
  • The Truth about the Devil and Satan (from Christendom Astray and Wrested Scriptures)
  • The Way of Life (S. F. Jeacock)
  • Who are the Christadelphians?
  • Why Baptism Really Matters
  • Why is Man Mortal?
  • Wrested Scriptures (R. Abel): Section “B” Immortality of the Soul/Heaven/Hell
  • Your Share in God’s Promises

Correspondence courses:

  • 12 Lesson Bible Study Notes
  • CBM 16-lesson Course


  • Understand the Bible for yourself (Tec Morgan)


  • The Bible and its Message for Mankind
  • Bible Fingerposts (various)
  • Bible Reading Planner
  • Hope for a Hopeless World

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