Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) is a huge African country, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Lake Tanganyika in the east. It has rich mineral deposits of copper, diamond, cobalt, radium and other metals, but the full potential of these reserves has not been exploited.

Population: 68 million.
Languages: French, Lingala, Kiswahili, Tshiluba and Kikongo.
Main religion: Christian.

Link man (east) Benoit Mukendi (west) Steve Weston

CBM activities Visits are made, usually annually, when the political situation allows.

Ecclesias East: Baraka, Bukavu, Fizi, Goma, Kalémie, Kalonge, Kaseke, Kavumu, Kazimia, Kipushi, Lubumbashi, Lukananda, Muyange, Sympho, Uvira; West: Maluku, Luvaka, Kinshasa, Kunzulu, Kuilu-Ngongo (about 400 members in total).

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Le Héraut du Royaume – The Herald of the Kingdom (4 times a year) (Graham Jackman)