Romania has spent most of its history as a divided country in the shadow of powerful neighbours, and until 1989 suffered under the repressive rule of the Communist dictator Ceausescu. Today the country faces the enormous task of economic reform, handicapped by a restrictive bureaucracy, corruption and unemployment.

Population: 22 million.
Language: Romanian.
Main religion: Romanian Orthodox.

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CBM activities The first baptism as a result of advertising in Esperanto was in 1992. Regular visits have been made since 1994, including Bible schools and mini-campaigns. Activity centres on the towns of Braşov, Craiova, Caracal, Bucharest, Sibiu and Buzău. In recent years seminars in Romanian have been held in Braşov and Craiova. The ecclesias in Caracal, Craiova and Braşov all have their own premises, providing meeting rooms and accommodation for CBM and other visitors.


Ecclesias Caracal, Braşov, Craiova, Bucharest (about 28 members in total).

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Correspondence courses:
  • CBM 18-lesson course
  • New Life in Christ
  • The Acts of the Apostles
  • The Christadelphians (Harry Tennant)
  • The Genius of Discipleship (Dennis Gillett)
  • Parables of the Messiah (John Carter)
  • A Look at those ‘Difficult’ passages (Harry Whittaker)
  • Bible Paradoxes (English title ‘Balancing the Book’ – Len Richardson)
  • Reading the Bible (Alfred Norris)
  • Understanding the Bible (Alfred Norris)
  • Believing the Bible (Alfred Norris)
  • Mark: The Gospel of the Son of God (L G Sargent)
  • Bible Basics (Duncan Heaster)
  • This is the Bible (David Pearce)
  • The Bible Our Guide
  • Why Baptism Matters
  • Who are the Christadelphians?
  • The Cross of Christ
  • Disciples of Christ in the Modern World
  • After Death – What?
  • The Kingdom of God on Earth
  • Israel: God’s People, God’s Land
  • Jesus: God the Son or Son of God?
  • Bible Reading Planner
  • The Return of Jesus Christ
  • Do you Believe in a Devil?
  • The Promises of God
  • Sunday and the Sabbath
  • Heaven and Hell
  • The Devil and Satan