Central Asia states

These mainly Muslim republics were formerly part of the Soviet union.

Kazakhstan Population: 15 million. Languages: Kazakh, Russian. Main religions: Muslim, Russian Orthodox.
Kyrgyzstan Population: 5 million. Language: Kirghiz. Main religion: Muslim.
Uzbekistan Population: 28 million. Language: Uzbek. Main religion: Muslim.

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CBM activities Kazakhstan: Unable to register with the authorities as a religion, we can no longer hold meetings or visit the country legally. The Kazakh brothers and sisters meet at home in small groups. A week-long trip to Omsk in Russia allows us to meet them there. They also attend the East Russian Bible School in summer. Their morale is high, and we have a steady trickle of baptisms.Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan: These are extreme Muslim countries and visits are illegal. Occasional contacts are made via www.thisisyourbible.com.

Ecclesias Kazakhstan: Alma Ata (Almaty), Astana, Azat, Kokchetau, Shchuchinsk, Taynsha, Zerendinskij (about 120 members). Kyrgyzstan: 2 members. Uzbekistan: 2 members.