Denmark. Population: 5.6 million. Language: Danish. Main religion: Lutheran.
Norway. Population: 5 million. Language: Norwegian. Main religion: Lutheran.
Sweden. Population: 9.7 million. Language: Swedish. Main religion: Lutheran.

Link men (Denmark) James Mundey; (Sweden) Steven Cox and (Norway) Paul Tovell

Contact Jeremy Morgan for activities and information about Finland.

Correspondence team leader Hamilton Wilson

CBM activities (Denmark) 3-4 pastoral visits a year to 4 members and their families in Jutland. (Norway) 4-5 mainly pastoral visits a year.

Website (Norwegian)

Ecclesias None. (Denmark) 4 members in isolation; (Norway) 3 members in isolation.

Norwegian literature

Contact John Benson


  • Understanding the Bible (Alfred Norris)
  • False Prophets (Sverre Petersen) – available also as PDF on the Norwegian Christadelphians website
  • Thirteen Lectures on the Apocalypse (Robert Roberts)
  • Mighty to Save – The Message of Isaiah (Ray Willetts)
  • The Gospel of John (John Carter)


  • Bible Teaching about God, Man and Salvation
  • Understanding ‘Satan’ in the book of Job – available also as PDF on the Norwegian Christadelphians website
  • The Man of Sin, Antichrist and Ecumenical Cooperation
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Israel, God’s chosen people