Population: 40 million.
Language: Spanish.
Main religion: Roman Catholic.

CBM activities Several English speaking members scattered throughout the country. Little response from years of advertising and billing.

Spanish literature

Available from


  • Bible Companion
  • Statement of Faith
  • Declaration
  • Preaching the Truth
  • Angels – servants of God
  • Do you believe in the Devil?
  • Marriage today
  • Mormonism and the Bible
  • The Problem of Suffering
  • The rich man, Lazarus and Abraham
  • The Kingdom of Heaven – on Earth
  • Stand up and lift up your heads
  • Does God listen to our prayers?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • The things we stand for
  • The tongues of the angels
  • The Christian Life
  • Mary, mother of Jesus
  • Do Christians need Priests?
  • Why is baptism so important?
  • Women Priests?
  • Sharing in the promises of God

Correspondence courses:

  • CBM 40-lesson course with question sheets


  • Abraham—Father of the Faithful (HAW)
  • The New Life (JM)
  • Meditations (FWT)
  • Philemon


  • Baptism
  • The King’s Dream
  • The Bomb
  • Life and Death
  • Peace on Earth—A Certainty
  • A Religion that Makes Sense
  • Thy Kingdom Come
  • Practical discipline
  • Additional thoughts on discipline
  • Attend to your children
  • Teaching children to be responsible