Contact policy and procedure

The Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM) is a Christian charity with its principal aim encapsulated in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ ‘to go out into all the world to preach the gospel’. At the heart of our mission are the principles that Jesus taught, namely, ‘to love the Lord your God…. and your neighbour as yourself‘.

Section 1. Feedback and suggestions

We welcome feedback and suggestions from anyone who is involved with or who benefits from CBM’s work. Please talk or send an email to the Area Secretary responsible for the country or countries to which your observations relate (see endnote[i]).  Should your feedback relate to the working of CBM Council, please contact the CBM General Secretary (Contact details as per endnote i).

Section 2. Dissatisfaction concerns

Despite the high ideals set out in the opening paragraph, we recognise there may be occasions when the standards to which we aspire are not fully realised. If you are dissatisfied with the way that the CBM has acted to achieve its objective namely ‘to promote and advance the Christadelphian faith throughout the world’ (see end note[ii]) and, as a result, you have been impacted personally, please follow the procedure outlined below and we will make every effort to satisfactorily resolve your issue (see end note [iii]).

  1. (i) If the cause of your dissatisfaction arises from interaction with a particular individual (s) known to you, we would encourage you first, to initiate a discussion with the individual. This course of action often allows misunderstandings to be resolved quickly and easily.

A (ii) If you are a Christadelphian and have a cause of concern with the actions of a Christadelphian CBM worker (s), please consider whether the procedure recommended in Matthew 18:15 can be applied to remedy the situation.

If, in the circumstances outlined in Sections A (i) & (ii) above, you feel that it is challenging or inappropriate to contact the individual directly, please contact the relevant Area Secretary as described in Section A (iii) below.

A (iii) In the first instance, please talk or send an email to the Area Secretary responsible for the applicable country/location where the issue has arisen.  Each Area Secretary is actively engaged with CBM’s work in the countries they care for and is, therefore, best placed to resolve the matter for you. The contact details for Area Secretaries are detailed in endnote i).

  1. Should step A fail to satisfactorily resolve the issue, and you wish to escalate your concern further, please talk or send an email to the CBM General Secretary (Contact details as per endnote i). It will then be discussed more widely by CBM Council and reviewed. We will endeavour to deal with the matter as quickly as possible, but in rare instances it may be necessary to wait for the next formal quarterly meeting of CBM Council.
  2. If you are still not satisfied with the result of step B, please talk to the CBM chairman or send him an email. (Contact details as per endnote i). He will work with the CBM Council to resolve the issue and then adjudicate accordingly.

Section 3 – Registration and Response.

All communications detailed under Sections 1 & 2 of this document will be recorded in a register. This will ensure:

  1. That any suggestions and feedback as per Section 1 are properly considered.
  2. That the original issue (s) advised under Section 2 are progressed and resolved as far as possible to the satisfaction of the person (s) raising the concern.

iii. That, in the light of points i & ii above , CBM’s procedures can be assessed and, if deemed necessary by the CBM Council, alterations made.

iv Please allow a period of up to 21 days from the date of your initial communication for a first response. This will enable us to make investigations and allow for the possibility of person (s) involved not being immediately available.

End notes

[i] For operational purposes, CBM is organised into various committees, each overseen by an Area Secretary responsible for the charity’s activities in a particular territory (ies). The details of the current organisational structure together with a list of the Chairman/Area Secretaries and their contact details can be found on our website (page to be set up – insert link here).

[ii] (CBM Charity Number 1020558)

[iii] Safeguarding matters are considered entirely separately and if you have an issue relating to safeguarding, you should email the following address: [email protected]