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CIL Sunday School Senior Course

Level 6 Sunday School lessons used by the Christadelphian Isolation League. Includes worksheets for each lesson.



Read Genesis 22:3-13

In Lesson 2 we learnt that Abram obeyed God and left his home in Ur. He went to live in the land of Canaan. God made some very important promises to Abram. Find Lesson 2 and read the promises again.

Abram believed the promises that God gave him. He knew that everything which God promised would happen. Abram knew that his descendants would be a great nation. In fact, God changed Abram's name to Abraham, which means 'father of many nations'. God also changed Sarai's name to Sarah.

Abraham does not have a son

However, Abraham did not have a son. He and Sarah were now old. They were too old to be able to have children. Abraham was nearly 100 years old and Sarah was 90 years old. Therefore, Abraham's faith was amazing - he believed that his descendants would be a big nation, but he did not have a son! How could God's promise be fulfilled?

God tells Abraham he will have a son

One day Abraham was sitting in the door of his tent, when he saw three men coming towards him. Abraham welcomed the men. They sat under a tree and Sarah began to make a meal. The men talked to Abraham and told him that next year he and Sarah would have a son. Then Abraham realised that he was talking to two angels, who were bringing a message from God.

When Sarah heard the message that the angels brought, she laughed. Sarah knew she was too old to have children. But God can do anything. And later both Sarah and Abraham believed the angels' message.

Abraham and Sarah were very happy. Finally they could understand how God would keep His promise to make their descendants a big nation.

Isaac is born

The next year Sarah gave birth to a boy. Abraham called him Isaac. Both Abraham and Sarah loved the boy very much. They had waited many, many years for a child - and this child was special. Isaac made it possible for the promises to be fulfilled.

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