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Correspondence Courses in English

These courses are available for use by CBM correspondence tutors.

Sunday School courses Introductory courses Basic courses Advanced courses Follow-up courses

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Lessons Comments Download Contact
CIL Sunday School Senior 24 From the Christadelphian Isolation League  
CIL Sunday School Advanced 24 From the Christadelphian Isolation League  
Basic Bible Teaching* 12 Simple introductory course for students with no Bible knowledge or limited English. Designed to lead students to an appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ but not enough to lead to baptism. Download
Foundations for your Faith 12 Simple, basic course from the CALS.   CALS
CBM (40 lesson)* 40 Standard course; thematically written. Designed to give sufficient understanding for baptism. Download
CBM (18 lesson)* 18 A simplified version of the 40-lesson course, used in Eastern Europe. Download
Exploring the Bible* 27 Standard course; covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation drawing out doctrines from Bible events. As such, useful as an alternative to the 40-lesson course or as a follow up. Download
Learning about your Bible* 24 The ACBM alternative to the 40-lesson course Download  
Understanding the Bible* 29 The Understand the Bible for Yourself book segmented as a course. Only for serious, advanced students with good English. Download
Philippians* 10 The Philippians Study Guide split as a course. Useful, practical, short course. Download
The New Life in Christ* 14 Written for students who have done at least the 40-lesson course or Exploring The Bible and are interested in baptism, or for newly baptised brothers and sisters. It covers both personal commitment to Christ and commitment to ecclesial life. Download
Bible Principles from Genesis* 28 These courses are useful as follow on material for students who wish to continue lessons and have done some of the courses above. They cover these books of the Bible drawing out lessons. Download
Matthew* 9 Download
Acts of the Apostles* 28 Download  
Devil and Satan* 6 Special course which can be used with students who have a difficulty with this subject Download  

*Available on a resource disc from