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Hardships and blessings in Zimbabwe

Grace and baby

Grace - a member at Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe - with baby

Since our return in late February, Zimbabwe has been very much in the news with grim reports of violence and severe flooding. We are most concerned about those who, even before the troubles, lived every day in conditions of great hardship. In God's mercy, none of our members has been harmed personally, but we have had very distressing reports of the material losses sustained by those affected by the cyclone and the flooding. We have every confidence that, whatever they may have lost, it will not have been their infectious faith in God and in His ability to care for them.

Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country with so many natural resources that it has the potential to be a glorious place in which to live. How devastating that so much seems to have gone wrong over the centuries! Without doubt, some of the "natural" disasters have their roots in mankind's profligate abuse of the world our God gave us to care for.

We flew to Johannesburg and set off on the 500 mile drive to Zimbabwe. For the next four weeks we travelled some 4,500 miles, visiting most of the sixteen ecclesias and meeting some 140 members and 132 students. We were delighted to be able to baptise ten new brothers and sisters who had received their instruction from English tutors. The immersions took place in hotel baths, pools, a flooded river, and an oil drum!

We enjoyed such a rich and varied time, filled with memorable experiences that left us with impressions we shall never forget.

Colin and Rosemary Boxall, Derek and Rosie Warburton
from The Bible Missionary, no. 157, July 2000

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