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Developments in Zimbabwe

Stanford Kuuzha with his family Stanford Kuuzha with his family and field of 'Project Aid' cotton

There are now about 200 Christadelphians in Zimbabwe. Many aspects of the Christian life were discussed at two weekend seminars in March. One seminar was held in Bulawayo for representatives of churches in southern Zimbabwe and another in Harare for the northern churches.

One of the liveliest discussions was on weddings and funerals. The discussion centred around how far it was appropriate for brothers and sisters to participate in the conventions of traditional African society. In Zimbabwe it is customary for a man to pay a substantial amount of money to his prospective bride's parents in order to gain their blessing on the marriage and very often this money is difficult or impossible to find.

We, the English visitors, were privileged to visit many of the 17 churches, enjoying wonderful fellowship with very enthusiastic brothers and sisters. We also met many Bible correspondence students, some of whom were baptised during our visit. There have been 15 baptisms in Zimbabwe so far this year.

Some churches are in communities many kilometres from the main tarmac roads. At one, in Masvingo, we saw a hand water pump supplied by the Meal-a-Day Fund being put to good use, and were introduced to the CBM heifer provided by a Project Aid grant. We also saw the product of another rural Project Aid grant where a brother, who had left the police force on becoming a Christadelphian, had been given a grant to grow his first crop of cotton.

Project Aid bicycles were also being widely used, and when it was suggested to one fairly elderly brother that perhaps he could benefit from a CBM bicycle to help him with his regular visit, once a month, on foot, to a student 25 km from his home, his eyes lit up as he said, "I'll be able to go twice a month then!"

John Butler
from The Bible Missionary, no. 153, July 1999

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