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Fringilla Bush Camp 2005

Sausage tree at Fringilla Sausage tree at Fringilla

It was nice to be at the camp. Imagine meeting different brothers and sisters from different parts of the country and enjoying our fellowship together!

In his opening remarks, Kelly Simayambula reminded us that it is always good to gather together at the Bush Camp, but asked, "What is the purpose?" The things we learn should not be kept to ourselves, but we must teach others. Therefore we ought to be very attentive to every lesson.

The programme for the day started at 7.30 a.m. with the morning prayer, hymn singing and readings for the day. After breakfast, studies on "Characters from the Life of Moses" were presented by Brother Owen. In the first study we looked at Jethro and his family. Jethro was the priest of Midian and Moses' father-in-law. After the exodus he visited Moses in the desert and was delighted to hear about the good things God had done for Israel. He also acknowledges that God is greater than other gods and he brought a burnt offering and other sacrifices to God (Exodus 18:1-12).

What the world has to offer is limited for us and is not worth wasting our time doing. For everything passes away, but the word of our God stands for ever; hence our need to follow divine commands. We ought to be like Moses, who by faith was able to see Him who is invisible. The everyday hardship in trying to cope with the ever-demanding life will soon come to an end when Jesus will return and use God's power to transform the world.

In the evening, it was time for the evening meal. We gathered together by the camp fire for the last daily reading and prayer. What followed then was what brothers and sisters felt they would like to share with others. Sara and Kathryn sang some hymns beautifully, accompanied on the guitar by Charles Mulenga. Iron Zulu (our oldest member) contributed - he really is a blessing and a good example for us. He just keeps everyone happy and excited.

When we arrived at Fringilla Camp it looked as though it was going to be a long weekend together, but on the day of our departure it felt as if we were being robbed of precious fellowship. I could see it in every brother's and sister's eyes that definitely we were going to miss one another. It was so hard to say goodbye, but we have to remember and be there for each other in spirit: that is, not letting the distance come between us.

Lupulane Malata (Kabwe, Zambia)
from The Bible Missionary No. 178 (October 2005)

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