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Zambia Bush Camp

Zambia Bush Camp

It really is held out in the bush - 14 km from Fringilla Farm, with the last 4-5 km being driven not even on the gravel road, but on a track through the bush. From Friday to Tuesday nearly 120 members from all over Zambia came together for a time of worship and fellowship. So popular has it become that booking is essential and that is something Zambians find difficult! For the camp we were joined by John Palmer and Richard Alleyne who had been north-west to Solwesi and Kabopo. The days were filled with studies on 'Family life in early Genesis' and workshops on a variety of practical issues such as alcohol problems or AIDS. I really enjoy the interactive nature of speaking in Africa; sessions go much better when they are discussion-based rather than just didactic teaching.

One of the pleasures of such camps is to give brothers and sisters good and plentiful food for the few days they are there. There was a special satisfaction in helping to serve it - no better way to get to talk to everybody as they lined up for huge helpings of nshima (maize porridge), although my stomach rebelled at the eagerly awaited culinary highlight of the weekend - boiled cow's hooves.

Whenever we talk to people now about Zambia and the Bush Camp, we do so with happy memories of the time we spent there.

Andrew Walker
from The Bible Missionary No. 162 (October 2001)

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