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Zambia map

Formerly the British colony of Northern Rhodesia, it became independent in 1964. Mainly at the 3000 ft level, it is warm and dry. Employment is in mining and subsistence farming. Exports are copper, cobalt, zinc, emeralds and tobacco.

Population: 11 million.
Languages: English, plus 7 local languages and about 70 dialects.
Main religions: Christian, Muslim, Hindu.

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Correspondence team leaders

CBM activities Annual visits from UK to coincide with Regional Fraternal Gatherings, Annual Youth Conference and the AGM.

Ecclesias Chingola, Chifunsa, Chinkumba, Chipata, Daphan, Kabompo, Kabwe, Kafue, Kalomo, Kapiri Mposhi, Kasama, Katete, Kitwe, Livingstone, Lundazi, Lusaka, Mafuta, Mazabuka, Mbereshi, Michelo, Mufulira, Mushota, Muzoka, Nakonde, Ntoto, Ndola, Siamutete, Solwezi, Watopa (about 450 members in total).

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