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Uganda Youth Camp 2011

Uganda Youth CampYouth Camp has been going for a good number of years now. During that time it has grown - it has changed. The number has remained at around 80 people, but when I started going to youth camp 5 years ago, it was run by the UK team. A couple of years ago, we encouraged the young people to stand up and take ownership of the camp - it is, after all, their camp! This year, we literally left them to it!

Camp kicked off with the usual silly games and JJ (the youth leader) set the tone for the week, explaining the subject, which was the Life of Paul. Each day followed a similar pattern of two talks and a workshop.

One of the highlights was splitting the group in two and debating contentious issues. It was brilliant! They loved it! Debating questions like: should we vote; how should sisters dress to come to church; and should sisters break bread together if there are no brothers present.

There were a lot of new people too, which was great! Some very passionate people came along and inspired the group. So there was a real feel of spirituality, a real feeling that God was being glorified and a joy at being part of the camp.

The final evening came, and the evening concert hailed the beginning of the end. The annual talent show was funny, strange, entertaining and impressive, all at the same time! This was followed up by the dividing of the fatted calf - literally! There was meat for everyone as they would get a stick from the bush, put their meat on the stick, and then put it into the fire to slowly roast. Then followed dancing round the fire, singing and drumming into the early hours.

Saying goodbye and clearing up is always very sad, but it is sadness born out of a love for each other that had been cultivated and grown over the week through the love of God... and so thanks be to Him!

Richard Alleyne
January 2011

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