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Turkey map Turkey straddles Europe and Asia, occupying a strategic position at the entrance to the Black Sea. Rapid economic growth in the 1980s gave way to a slump in the 1990s, and now its economy and trade is strongly linked with the volatile situations in the neighbouring Arabic countries of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Population: 72 million.
Languages: Turkish, Armenian, Arabic and Kurdish.
Main religion: Islam (Sunni Muslim).

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CBM activities Local preaching and regular visits arranged from the UK. All the brothers and sisters in Turkey are Iranian refugees.

Ecclesias Kayseri (2), Denizli, Eskisehir. A small number of brothers and sisters in Ankara and others in isolation.

Picture story Picture story Easter in Antakya (2007)

Picture story Picture story The heat and burden of the day (2005)

Turkish literature

Arabic literature