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Preaching in Serbia

In discussion

In discussion

We waited with anticipation at the first Bible talk to see if any of the planted seed had taken root. Our first day in Subotica, Serbia, had been spent fly-billing in the main square. People seemed ready to take our leaflets and some were keen to talk with Brother Marko at the literature table. It was also a good thing that we could offer leaflets in both Serbian and Hungarian as in this part of Serbia (Vojvodina) there are many Hungarians.

It was heartening to see the excitement of our members William, Sladjana and Zoltan at having more brothers and sisters in Subotica and the difference this made for them. William had done a sterling job of translating and preparing bills and leaflets in Serbian. He and Zoltan had also placed adverts in Serbian and Hungarian newspapers.

It was exciting that the number of visitors each evening grew. By the end of the week, we were encouraged that ten friends attended the Bible talk. One man, aged 76, cycled 11 km each way, despite having a distinct limp.

At the end of the week our legs were weary, but we had fond memories of spending time with brothers and sisters from around the world, seeking to fulfil our Lord’s command to preach the gospel. We pray that the seed planted will bring forth fruit.

Hannah Carter, Miriam den Bak, Robin Dolman, Richard Griffin, Michael Owen, and Katie More
from The Bible Missionary, no. 190, October 2008

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