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Edward's story

Edward and guinea pig

Edward and guinea pig

Edward has not been able to see since he was a boy of seven. About eight years ago when he was learning English, Victor, a Christadelphian who taught at the same college as he did in Briansk, gave him some Christadelphian Braille papers to give him practice. When Edward read the papers, he began to argue with Victor about believing in God, scornful that such an intelligent man should be so deluded. But slowly the Bible did its work, and in 1994 Victor persuaded him to come to Yelets to meet some other Christadelphians at the Bible school.

After that, Edward came back to the Bible school every year. One evening in 1998, he sat listening to three English brothers singing from their hymn book. The hymn was 'Abide with me'. It speaks of God's presence bringing comfort, even in times of darkness and danger. Like a bolt of lightning, Edward said, he suddenly realised that those words did not apply to him, for he was not yet baptised. Now, more than anything in the world, he wanted to join himself to the Lord Jesus and make a new start. He already had a good knowledge of the Bible, and he was baptised and went home to Briansk rejoicing.

Looking back, Edward is painfully aware now of the many young people he turned away from God, as he gave his lectures on the glorious history of communist Russia. However, to his great joy, his daughter Ludmila came with him to the Bible schools and was also baptised.

Edward looks forward to the Kingdom of God to come, when the blind will see and we shall be together with our Lord for ever.

David Pearce
from 'The Bible Missionary', no. 159, January 2001

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