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Russian literature

Available from Lulu

Ezekiel in Babylon (David Pearce) 
Letters from the Fisherman (David Pearce) 
They judged Israel (David Pearce) 
The Fourth Gospel (David Pearce) 
This is the Bible (David Pearce) 
Zechariah and the Temple of the Lord (David Pearce) 

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Understand the Bible for yourself (Tec Morgan) 
After Death—What? 
The Bible Companion 
Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith 
The Blood of Christ (Robert Roberts) 
The Cherubim (J. Allfree) 
The Commandments of Christ 
Creation or Chance 
Do You Believe in a Devil? 
Getting to Know God 
Hope for a Hopeless World 
Israel; God’s People, God’s Land 
Jehovah’s Witnesses Examined 
Now for the Good News 
One Bible, Many Churches 
The Personal Return of Jesus Christ 
Preparing for Baptism 
The Significance of Colours and Numbers in Scripture (M. D. Stewart) 
There is a World-wide Family 
The Things We Stand For 
Trinitarian Texts Examined (J. Allfree) 
The True Gospel (Declaration) 
The Truth about the Devil and Satan (from Christendom Astray and Wrested Scriptures) 
The Way of Life (S. F. Jeacock) 
Who are the Christadelphians? 
Why Baptism Really Matters 
Why is Man Mortal? 
Wrested Scriptures (R. Abel): Section “B” Immortality of the Soul/Heaven/Hell 
Your Share in God’s Promises 
The Bible and its Message for Mankind 
Bible Fingerposts (various) 
Bible Reading Planner 
Hope for a Hopeless World 
Correspondence Courses
12 Lesson Bible Study Notes 
CBM 16-lesson Course 

Available as electronic files from .

Biblical Fellowship (G. Booker) 
Cornelia’s story 
Elpis Israel (J Thomas) parts 1 and 2 
Exploring the Bible (H. Whittaker) 
First steps in Christ 
God Is (Alan Hayward) 
How the Bible came to us 
Index Rerum 
Joel, Daniel and Revelation studies (H Whittaker) 
A Life of Jesus (M. Purkis) 
Moses my servant 
Parables of the Messiah 
Principles and Proverbs 
Studies in the Statement of Faith 
The Christadelphians (H. Tennant) 
The Last Days (H. Whittaker) 
The Protesters (A. Eyre) 
The Teaching of the Master  
The New Life (John Marshall) 
The Teaching of the Master (L. G. Sargent) 
Thirteen Lectures on the Apocalypse (R. Roberts) 
Time of the End (H. Whittaker) 
Why are We Here? (D. Sharman) 
Wrested Scriptures (R. Abel) 

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