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Bible School in Transylvania

Bible School in Transylvania

The September Bible School in the city of Brasov in Transylvania has become a regular feature of our activities in Romania. The school serves a number of purposes: to teach our friends, to develop the scriptural understanding of new members, to encourage the habits of Bible reading and study, and to provide patterns of worship and opportunities for discussion. It helps to strengthen bonds of fellowship among those already baptised and to make our as yet unbaptised friends feel that they 'belong' and can trust us.

Each morning for four days we had three one-hour sessions on 'The Letter of James', 'The Visions of Zechariah' and 'Evil and its Overcoming', as well as a session for the young people. The period after lunch was free, but in late afternoon there was a session for the daily readings and for questions.

The study sessions went very well, stimulating plenty of questions and discussion. There was a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and shared learning and thinking throughout our five days together. One of the nicest moments was when we gathered for our discussion session on the last full day to find that some of our friends had organized a little tea-party for us all. There was real sadness in our final farewells. "When are you coming again? Will you come and stay with us?" our friends asked.

By the end of the week we had three new members. On a memorable afternoon in a steamy thermal bath in the centre of the city we immersed Delia, Maria and Mimi. Mimi had not known until the last moment that she was going to be able to come to Brasov as she is expecting to go abroad at any moment. Still less had she expected to be baptised that week - but the news that Maria and Delia had requested baptism decided her.

Welfare remains a continuing concern. Many of our Romanian members are poor and we are considering ways of helping them. Problems abound in Romania - but to misquote Paul's words: "Where problems abound, there the grace of God does much more abound". This latest visit certainly helped us all to believe that.

Graham Jackman
from The Bible Missionary, no. 150, October 1998

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