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Let the distant shores rejoice: a baptism in Denmark

Membe's baptism in Mariager Fjord

Shorelines are the scene of special events across Bible history, from the celebrations of the children of Israel on the shores of the Red Sea, to the lake side where the people stood to hear Jesus teaching from Peter’s boat on Galilee. So it was a significant moment for the small Christadelphian community in Denmark when, on Sunday 1 June this year, they stood on the shore of Denmark’s largest fjord to witness the baptism of Membe Walolea, a 19 year old student from mainland Denmark.

The day was all the more remarkable because of the journey Membe had taken to arrive at the waters of baptism: a refugee from the Congo, Membe first heard the gospel message in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe, where he was asked to translate for Christadelphian services as a result of his good English. After he and his family were resettled to Denmark a ‘chance’ encounter meant that he made contact with the Christadelphians there, which ultimately led to his baptism into the saving name of Jesus. 

Membe’s journey, and his new birth in a country far from the place he was born, is an encouragement to all involved in spreading the good news of the Kingdom of God, showing how seeds sown often years before can later in life, by God’s grace, take root and grow into a life-changing conviction to turn to the Lord.

After his baptism, Membe was given the right hand of fellowship by Brother Charles Kalala before his first Breaking of Bread. He now has the challenge of continuing to run the race in isolation, as he lives some way from the other brothers and sisters in Denmark, although he is able to visit them fairly regularly. In addition, visits to Denmark and to see Membe take place approximately three times a year. Your prayers for Membe and for the small community of believers in Denmark would be much appreciated until the promised time when all will be joined together and “His Kingdom stretch from shore to shore”.

James Mundey
from The Bible Missionary, no. 216, April 2015

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Membe's baptism in Mariager Fjord