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A first timer in Nigeria

Ecclesial hall under construction at Asa Amator Ecclesial hall under construction at Asa Amator

On my arrival in Nigeria I could not decide which was warmer: the welcome of the brothers and sisters or the heat of the sun. It was my first time in Nigeria and all my companions were very much acclimatised to the hustle and bustle of Nigerian life.

Nigeria had been in the news more frequently than I cared for in the weeks leading up to our journey, as trouble had flared up in the north, which was an area we had planned to visit. Although we had still hoped to go there, sound advice from our Nigerian brothers caused us to cancel this leg of our trip, but there was plenty of work to be done elsewhere.

During our visit we stayed at Aba, which was our base for six days. We were at the house of Brother Orji and his family. Staying here felt just like home with a constant stream of brothers and sisters calling. From Aba we travelled daily to the surrounding ecclesias, visiting brothers and sisters and viewing construction work on some of the ecclesial halls. Leaving Aba we began our homeward journey back to Lagos, calling in at Benin City en route to visit brothers and sisters there.

Something I had not fully appreciated before this visit is the benefit and support that the Nigerian brothers and sisters obtain from the correspondence taking place with the UK. This work is of vital importance and the benefits to our family in Nigeria are beyond measure.

Life in Nigeria is hard - many would see the country as corrupt, noisy and complete chaos. These things I very quickly forgot or learned to live with. My lasting memories of Nigeria will be the love and hospitality, the children of the country, and some of the most enthusiastic singing I have ever heard.

Charlotte Peet
from The Bible Missionary No. 164 (April 2002)

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