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First Dutch Bible School

Discussion time

Discussion time - Jedi and Nellie, Talitha and Wayne

The weekend of 24-26 November saw members from England, Germany and Luxembourg join those of three ecclesias in Holland for the first ever Dutch Weekend Bible School. We were warmly welcomed at our base, a large self-catering house in Lunteren, built originally as a youth activity centre and situated in pleasant wooded countryside.

The weekend was primarily designed for the benefit of Dutch brothers and sisters, so the formal proceedings were in Dutch throughout. The weekend studies were interspersed with the daily readings, which made for a full programme with a fairly tight schedule.

Our main study on John 17 began after breakfast on Saturday morning. Graham Jackman first spoke on 'The hour has come'. Jesus' purpose was to make known God's character by means of his own words and works. John constantly emphasises that Jesus is the Son of God to whom the Father gave everything. There are 17 references to giving in the prayer. Jesus' response to this was a service of love and he requires us to continue in that love as potential sons of God (1 John 4:7).

On Sunday afternoon we were blessed with good weather, so some of us visited the Dutch National Park, De Hoge Veluwe, and took advantage of 'white bikes', a park and ride scheme. What a pleasure it was to cycle through flat countryside, even if, as has been alleged, there's always a head wind in Holland!

Our final study from Graham was 'That they all may be one - the new family of God'. In his prayer Jesus looked forward and saw a process of growing belief in God - a snowball effect as others are attracted to our faith. He prayed for the following generations including ours and those still to come. Our whole lives should centre on bringing people to God through Christ.

Our thanks to all who had co-operated to ensure such an enjoyable and spiritually uplifting weekend and above all to our Heavenly Father for making it all possible.

Pam Cave
from The Bible Missionary, no. 160, April 2001

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