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Netherlands map

Population: 16 million.
Language: Dutch.
Main religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim.

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Correspondence team leader Handled by members of the Dutch ecclesias.

CBM activities The Hague ecclesia was founded in 1957 and Amersfoort in 1972. There is a wide range of Dutch literature and a Bible exhibition. Preaching is through a magazine, midweek meetings and seminars in various towns, and a website with online magazine. An annual Study Day is held for interested friends.

Website www.christadelphians.nl

Ecclesias The Hague, Amersfoort/Ede. A small group meets at Rolde (near Assen). There are 32 members in total.

Picture story Picture story First Dutch Bible School (2001)

Picture story Picture story Delft Bible Week (2002)

Dutch literature