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Sunday Schools in Mozambique

Sunday School by the roadside

Sunday School by the roadside

This year I was asked by my father to go to Mozambique and teach in the Sunday School - both the pupils and prospective teachers.

We flew to Malawi, where we were greeted by a number of members, who were overjoyed to see that we had got there safely. On the drive to Mozambique from Lilongwe I first glimpsed a landscape that was to become familiar - red earth with a few trees, little mud huts with thatched roofs, and crowds of people, some on bicycles or crammed into the back of trucks.

It soon became apparent to me that most of the women in Mozambique are unable to read and are therefore obliged to find someone to read the Bible to them. This limits their opportunities to improve their understanding of the Scriptures. Whilst we were in Mozambique, we distributed many Bibles which were in their language to men who were literate and we urged them to read them to their wives.

Often I had to find somewhere to hold Sunday School while the adults remained in the coolness and shelter of the church hall. There was usually a convenient tree just off the road, under which we held a class in full view of people passing by.

One day we were colouring pictures with the children, when a group who had stopped to hear our lesson wanted to join in. Then more people stopped to see what was going on, so that when my father came down during their session break, he thought this was too good an opportunity to miss and rushed back to the car to get some leaflets to give out. That evening he suggested that I should always do my lessons by the side of a road as it was the best advertisement he had seen.

My lasting memory of the members in Malawi and Mozambique is their great enthusiasm for the Truth. They would cycle or walk for miles, often sleeping overnight at the meeting room, to attend meetings and learn of the hope of the gospel. Their example was a great encouragement for us.

Caroline Radbourne
from 'The Bible Missionary', no. 159, January 2001

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