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Floods in Mozambique

Floods in Mozambique

Photo: Philip Wijmans, LWF/ACT Mozambique, March 2000

Visit to take food and medical supplies, March 2000

We were so thankful that we had telephone communication with the administrator of the refugee camp near Maputo where eight of our members live. He assured us that our brothers were in no physical danger from the flood waters. They did have torrential rains but the camp buildings were brick and able to withstand the battering. The risk of cholera and malaria however is very real; Brother Jean Marie has already succumbed to malaria. Food shortages are another problem.

The camp administrator insisted that we should take not only for our brothers, but also for others in the camp, which we were happy to do. We were able to take 12 mattresses, 20 mosquito nets, 13 paraffin stoves, quite a lot of foodstuffs and a good supply of medicines - for cholera and malaria, as well as antibiotics and vitamins.

We braced ourselves for a wait at the border. The Mozambican authorities said we had to get a permit to take the goods through and pay import duties. We joined a very disgruntled group of people waiting for permits. Caetano asked to see the boss, a man from the UK, who, when he heard our story, went into the office and placed our form at the top of the pile! 20 minutes later we were through, thanking and praising God for His overruling hand.

At the camp, we distributed the items. The medicines were given to the dispensary - the young man in charge is one of our correspondence students. Our brothers were really delighted with the supplies, especially the paraffin stoves to boil the water - wood is often impossible to get - and the mosquito nets to give them relief from the nightly raids of bloodthirsty vampires! They repeatedly asked us to thank all who made donations.

Leonie Verster
from The Bible Missionary, no. 156, April 2000

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