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Gino's baptism

Gino's baptism

Gino's baptism

It is with great joy that we of the Maltese ecclesia would like to share with you all the baptism of Eugenio Frantz on 9 May 2007.

Gino had been attending another church for some time, but had almost no understanding of the Bible or true beliefs, and was frustrated with their lack of teaching. He and his wife sell children’s clothes at various markets on Malta each day of the week, and that is where I met him one day and found him reading and trying to find out more about the Bible for himself, while waiting to serve customers.

After meeting at their stall a few times with the Bible in hand and talking over several fundamental points, Gino began to comprehend the gospel message. He started coming along to the CBM flat at Gwardamangia. Here he met other Maltese Christadelphians, as well as members visiting from the UK and Australia.

He grew steadily in understanding and faith over seven months and finally gave a sincere confession of his beliefs and expressed his whole-hearted desire to live a new life in Christ on 8 May, when a group of five UK brothers and sisters visited us. A joyful baptism followed at Gnejna Bay, and a Breaking of Bread at the CBM flat.

Eugene brings the number of Maltese Christadelphians to five. It just goes to show that all the preaching, teaching and hard work of our overseas brothers and sisters here in Malta has not been in vain. We are indeed grateful to the Lord and to them that the gospel has taken root on this tiny Island in the Mediterranean.

Walter Perks
from The Bible Missionary, no. 185, July 2007

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