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Victor's baptism

After the baptism at Melleila Bay

After the baptism at Melleila Bay

This small republic of about 400,000 souls has had a turbulent and brutal history, coming under the domination of many nations. Christianity came to its shores when the apostle Paul was shipwrecked here. From that time the true doctrine of God's word has been corrupted through the centuries. The evidence is seen today in over 360 places of worship here. The majority of its people's energies are devoted to worshipping effigies and celebrating the feast days of some of the 300 so-called saints.

The true faith that Paul brought is largely forgotten, apart from the small community of four Christadelphians. To them was added by the simplicity of baptism our new brother in Christ, Victor, on Friday 18 November. It was performed at Mellieha Bay, which is usually packed by sun worshippers in the tourist season.

The morning was overcast, but calm. Apart from the curious gaze of two people taking a drink at a café overlooking the bay, there were just the five of us.

We were oblivious to everything apart from the wonderful act of symbolic death and resurrection of a repentant sinner. We rejoiced in the spiritual birth of our brother to new life and the wonderful hope that stretches before him in Christ. It was a time of deep emotion and joy that we shared with the angels - a joy that was deeply etched on our new brother's face.

Our little ecclesia at Malta is growing. As our elderly Brother Emmanuel said with such pleasure, "Now we are five." May our Father in heaven richly bless our brothers and sister surrounded by such spiritual darkness. May the light of God's truth and the example of our Saviour always be with them.

Gwyn Jenkins
from The Bible Missionary, no. 179, January 2006

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