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Hand in hand in Malawi

Children act out the story of the Good Samaritan Children act out the story of the Good Samaritan.

We set off early in the morning to travel in the CBM vehicle to the Malingunde Kamuzu Dam, where we were to hold a two-day Bible School. All the members of the churches in the Lilongwe area were invited, and over 50 attended, listening to studies on the book of Ruth given and on Peter’s letters. We also had a small group of children, with whom we studied the story of Esther.

The Kamuzu Dam was a beautiful setting for Bible studies, which were held in the open air, but it was quite a shock to be feeling so cold in the unusually low temperatures, and with a strong wind blowing. Some members had walked for over two hours to attend the gathering, so we were pleased to be able to take them back to their village in the truck, and to view the new meeting room which was nearing completion.

27 July saw us visiting the Malomo ecclesia in Kasungu. This is a church started by a brother who learned the Truth while in prison, and who has preached to those in his village who were imprisoned to sin. The village head man (who attended the Bible talks) has granted permission for a piece of land on which an ecclesial hall can be built, and the bricks were already being made.

We travelled a little further north the next day, to the Jimukwayaya ecclesia in Mzimba, at which there was another good attendance of members. The Sunday School students were very enthusiastic, and we were treated to a play and a song which they performed for us. They were wonderful actors, and their portrayal of the Good Samaritan will stay long in our memory.

We returned to Zomba and remained there for the next three days, during which time a Bible school was held at the Bible Mission complex at Chinamwali. About 100 members were expected, and over 150 arrived, but all were fed, spiritually and naturally, and were content. The numbers at Sunday School grew, especially during the activity time, when children seemed to appear from nowhere! We had great enjoyment teaching some songs to them all, particularly “He’s got the whole world in His hands” which we sang in English and Chichewa. In his closing remarks, Brother Adamson talked about us working ‘hand in hand’, the members of Malawi and those of the UK, which seems to sum up the ideals of the CBM.

Ruth Sheppard
from 'The Bible Missionary', no. 194, October 2009

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