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Sowing the seed in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

People in Skopje were friendly and helpful, with most young people speaking English reasonably well. There was polite interest in the work of the CBM and younger people in particular appreciated the idea that by reading the Bible you could develop a personal faith. I gave out copies of Glad Tidings, Exploring the Bible and other literature. There are only 2 million people in Macedonia and 30% of those are Albanian. The effect of hundreds of years of occupation, conflict and ethnic mix will only be overcome by a younger generation growing up - or by the return of the Lord.

I placed adverts in the national newspapers offering Exploring the Bible in English, with a view to attracting English-speaking contacts. The address of our Adriatics web site was included. Over 30 people have subsequently applied for the book.

Lambe and familyThe bus journey to Ohrid, in the west of Macedonia, takes 3 hours, over dramatic woodland covered mountains. Brother Lambe Pambukoski met me and we were soon sitting by the lakeside finding out about each other. He took me to his home, where I met his wife Radmila and 10-year-old daughter Ana, who has cerebral palsy. Lambe's wife, a nurse, welcomed me and provided a nice meal. Lambe does not work but stays at home to look after Ana, taking her to school and being available during the day if she has a problem. Ana, a delightful, bright girl, has picked up some English from Lambe and we were able to communicate a little.

Lambe was baptised a few years ago and has translated quite a lot of Christadelphian literature and he agreed to do more for us. We discussed plans for a preaching campaign in the autumn and how best to reach out to people in Macedonia. It seems that few people have a good knowledge of Bible teaching and those who are linked to the Orthodox church hold to traditions which are often far from Bible truth. The challenge for us is to provide good opportunities for people to find out the real gospel message of the kingdom of God.

Michael Owen
May 2005

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