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Visit to Kosovo and Albania

Donike speaking to people in Prishtina Before the trip we sent invitations by post and email to all our contacts in Kosovo and Albania, inviting them to meet us. We also arranged for our presentations to be translated into Albanian and for some fly-bills to be printed.

Four visitors attended the first talk at the Grand Hotel, on "Bible Prophecies about Today". All were existing contacts with a good level of interest. On the following night seven attended the talk on "Bible Prophecies about the Kingdom of God". Some were existing contacts, others were newcomers. One lady said she had enjoyed it so much she intended to tell her children all about it. Emine was a good translator, as always.

We spent much of each day in Mother Theresa Boulevard, giving out flyers and inviting interested people to take Bible literature. We had many good conversations. We also made good use of a local print-shop for more flyers. On our last day in Prishtinė, we spent several hours with Donikė, finding out what she understood about Bible teaching. We were very impressed by the extent of her grasp of most first principles. She agreed to see Joe and Courtney regularly on Wednesday evenings to fill out her Bible knowledge and understanding. We gave her a new Albanian Bible.

The bus to Tiranė, capital of Albania, leaves at Prishtinė at 5 a.m., so we had an early start on the Saturday morning. The journey takes about 4.5 hours. The Stela Hotel was conveniently situated near the centre and we were soon out fly-billing and engaging people under the shade of some trees in a pedestrian walkway.

On the Sunday morning we enjoyed a breaking of bread before continuing to fly-bill and offer our literature to people on the street. We also sent SMS (using a local SIM card) to all of our contacts for whom we had a mobile phone number. We needed a translator for the talks and Pete met a lady who spoke reasonable English and was willing to do the job.

On the first evening seven contacts attended the Bible talk, and on the second evening eleven contacts were present, some of whom were very interested in our message.

On our last day we travelled by bus (45 minutes) to Durrės to see another long-term contact. We spent over an hour with him, discussing the signs of the times. He seemed to agree with us and we challenged him about baptism. He said he had been baptized at the age of 22 by the Orthodox Church. After we had explained the need for baptism connected with true belief, he agreed to give the matter some thought. He accompanied us on a walk around Durrės when we distributed leaflets and engaged a number of people in conversations. We gave out the last of our Bible literature.

Back in Tiranė, we spent time with a promising contact, doing the Daily Readings and discussing a number of practical issues that she brought up. We were impressed again by her grasp of the Truth and her desire, as she put it, to be "a servant of God".

This visit proved very worthwhile, with encouraging responses and opportunities to witness in Prishtinė, Tiranė and Durrės.

Michael Owen and Pete Brown

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