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A whistle-stop tour

Naizghi and Asmait, Simon and Anna

Naizghi and Asmait, Simon and Anna

It is a privilege to be part of the Italy team, as we spend time with some great people – and this brief pastoral visit was no exception. With just 2 days and over 800 miles to drive, it was always going to be a whistle-stop tour.

A highlight of previous Italy trips was the time we spent in Vangadizza with Sister Betty Buselli. It was therefore sad to be making our first visit since her death in July. Baptised in 1939 in Birmingham, she had lived in Italy since 1947. She was always enthusiastic for visits, opening her home and sharing her hospitality. We were pleased, though, to see Betty's daughter, Teresa, and her husband Alberto.

Late Saturday afternoon we set off to Mantova to meet Brother Foster Ankrah-Pambour. Foster has worked in Italy for 4 years and his family is in Ghana. The focus for our breaking of bread together was based around the Acts reading for the day, where we considered some of the practicalities of discipleship.

Sunday was to be spent with Brother Naizghi Tewelde and Sister Asmait, which meant a long drive to Rome. Naizghi and Asmait got engaged in the summer. As always in Italy, the legal paperwork for non-nationals is never simple. Still, we wish them every blessing in the future.

Then it was back to Bologna, ready for an early flight home. We thank our Heavenly Father for our safe and positive visit.

If you have any Italian language skills and can lend a hand, please contact the link man .

Abigail Lear

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