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"You must bear witness also at Rome"

Near the Colosseum in Rome

Near the Colosseum in Rome

In June, six of us flew out to Italy to visit the members and contacts there.

In Verona half of the group did some fly billing, while the other half went to break bread with Sister Betty, who was in good health and very happy to meet us. During the evening we met with two contacts, Pierluca and Isaiah, and on Friday, we went to see Brother Foster.

Then we went to Rome. We were pleased to meet Brother Naizghi and over the course of the day, shared four studies on the theme "We preach Christ crucified". We were within sight of the Colosseum, which made reading from the Letter to the Romans very powerful. We also met with Sister Asmait and broke bread with her. Asmait’s English is limited and Naizghi translated the whole service into Amharic for her (they are Ethiopian in origin).

It was wonderful to share fellowship with our brothers and sisters, some of them meeting each other for the first time, and to be uplifted by the hope we share. We pray God will continue to bless our brothers and sisters, and our contacts searching for the truth.

Becky Collard

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