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A flying visit to Italy

Piazza Bra in Verona

Piazza Bra in Verona

We tend to think of Italy as an affluent country, but for the non-Catholic non-Italians this is not the case - and this group includes the majority of our brothers and sisters and contacts. Visiting Italy on CBM work is to see a completely different side of the country than the usual luxurious holiday destination.

This was probably our busiest trip yet. We started at 6 a.m. at Luton airport and travelled to Milan. We spent the morning fly-billing around Milan's main station beefore travelling south to meet Brother Foster, who was very glad to see us and to break bread and sing hymns from his new hymn book. We then took Foster with us to visit Michael, his friend and contact, and spent two very animated hours discussing the Word of God. Afterwards we headed back through the fog to the hotel in Verona.

The next day, while half the team remained at the hotel to meet Pier Luca, an interested friend, some of us made a quick visit to the supermarket to get lunch to take to Sister Betty's house and fly-billed the area around Piazza Bra in Verona. Betty is getting older and frailer, but still enjoys meeting new brothers and sisters and breaking bread together.

On the Saturday morning we visited Prince, who is going through the correspondence course with Brother James. We were joined by several of his friends for readings and a deluge of questions. Prince is shortly to be married back in his home country of Nigeria and then plans to bring his new wife over to Italy, where, we hope, he will continue in his interest.

In the afternoon we were back in Verona in order to meet Isaiah, another African contact, who brought an English friend and spent a profitable few hours discussing the return of Christ. This was followed by a Breaking of Bread in Brother Roshan's flat after he finished work.

Our final day was spent travelling to Bologna to see Brother Naizghi and our new Sister Asmait. Leaving them after what felt like too short a time, we returned to Bergamo for our flight home.

Simon and Anna Phillips
from The Bible Missionary No. 179 (January 2006)

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