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A new life in Christ

New brother James

Our new brother James (right) is welcomed into the church

Wednesday 31 March 2010 started early. The coach from Tamale left at 7 a.m. so we had to be at the coach station for 6. Important arrangements had been made for later in the day and it was good to start early. The coach left on time for the long journey south to Kumasi, arriving safely by 2 p.m. and at just before 3 we booked in at the Samaritan Villas where we would be staying for the night.

We were delighted that no sooner had we arrived than James Obeng also arrived, having had just as long a journey from the school where he teaches far out in the country. James has been a correspondence student of Michael Perryman (Kenilworth) for several years and had been interviewed for baptism on two previous occasions but had not been considered to have a sufficient grasp of the Truth to withstand the pressure of almost total isolation.

It is to James’s credit and Michael’s encouragement that he was prepared yet again to ask for baptism. This time there was no hesitation and the interviewing brothers were sure of James’ desire to be baptised into the name of Jesus Christ and the things concerning the Kingdom of God. By the time the interview ended it was already dark, so the baptism was arranged for the next morning.

Early the next morning two other correspondence students arrived: Mr Aboagye, who had had contact through the Learntoreadthebible.com web site, and Miss Issah Barikusu, who was a correspondence student of Gordon Ackroyd (Sunderland). Issah was able to join us as we made our way to the small stream about 20 minutes walk, where several other baptisms have taken place during the Bible Schools held in the same area.

It was a very happy group of 7 who witnessed the baptism of James and another brother in Christ rose from the waters to start a new life in Christ. On returning to the Samaritan Villas we were able to hold a memorial service and our new brother was received into fellowship. James was given one of the new ESV Bibles we had obtained from Malcolm Cross and a copy of Tecwyn Morgan’s book “Understanding the Bible for Yourself”. Just like the Ethiopian of Acts chapter 8, our new brother James “went on his way rejoicing”, as did we, praying that our new brother’s faith would remain strong despite his present isolation.

Stephen Sykes, April 2010

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