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Ghana map

The country changes from tropical forest in the south to savanna in the north. It was formerly the Gold Coast, a British colony until 1957. It has suffered many coups since 1966, but is currently under a civilian government and has recently made economic progress. Employment is mainly in agriculture: the country is a major producer of cocoa. Other exports include gold, diamonds and timber.

Population: 26 million.
Language: English, plus 6 major native languages.
Main religions: traditional, Muslim, Christian.

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Correspondence team leader

CBM activities Two annual visits, one including a joint Bible School at Kumasi in Ashanti Region or Shama in Western Region. This is attended by brothers and sisters from Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Ecclesias Accra, Adjoum, Cape Coast, Moseaso, Shama Junction, Subri, Tamale (about 140 members in total).

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