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France map

Population: 65 million.
Language: French.
Main religion: Roman Catholic.

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French literature agent

CBM activities There has been a small Christadelphian presence since the early 20th century, but no ecclesia was formed until 1999 (Mayenne, an English-speaking ecclesia independent of CBM); a second English-speaking ecclesia was later formed in Brittany. There are 2 visits during the year to meet with sisters in Bordeaux and near Paris. There is a quarterly French magazine Le Héraut du Royaume.

Web sites www.christadelphes.fr, www.lisezlabible.fr

Ecclesias Brittany, Mayenne. About 40 members in total, of which 6 are native French speakers.

Picture story Picture story Early days in France (2001)

Picture story Picture story Paris and Brittany (2004)

French literature