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Come to the Bible School in Jimma

An injera meal at Jimma

An injera meal at Jimma. Injera is a pancake-like bread; various stews are placed on it and eaten using torn-off pieces of injera

In the south-east part of Ethiopia there is a region they call Kaffa. In this region a long time ago they discovered that if people ate the berries of a particular plant they became more lively. Today we call the plant coffee and it provides Ethiopia with a major part of its foreign exchange.

At the heart of this region stands the town of Jimma. From the benefits brought by coffee it has become a prosperous town and has a modern university. It is from this university that a different type of plant is growing. The soil in which these roots grow is the word of God.

Bible Schools have been held in Jimma for five years. Those attending mainly live or study there, but others have come along various routes.

The meeting place is Temky Pension, where bedrooms and restaurant form a square around pleasant gardens and covered meeting areas. In the daytime the restaurant is hired and changed into a meeting room where the students gather. The sessions are always well attended and lively. They take the form of workshops and usually there are three sessions a day. In the evening a number of those attending gather for a meal and relax in each other's company, talking about the events of the day or trying to learn phrases in each other's language.

Ethiopians who have travelled to Jimma are always welcome. Brother Bezabih came from Nekemte for the first time this year. He is the only brother there and one of only two in the whole country, the other being Brother Yeneneh in Addis Ababa. They both fit in with the Bible students at Jimma and are able to explain in their language the things of truth. Gradually others are coming close to the point where they too wish to change their lives through the waters of baptism. The Bible schools are designed to encourage growth towards this.

The three or fours days pass quickly and all too soon it is time to face the rigours of the return journey. Coming there was a sense of anticipation; going back there are warm memories of good times spent with friends around the Bible.

John Shemeld
from The Bible Missionary, no. 179, January 2006

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