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October 2006 visit

Newly-baptised Leili (in traditional costume)

Newly-baptised Leili (in traditional costume) in Tallinn

The morning of Saturday 28 October was spent discussing the organisation and registration of the church in Tallinn and the afternoon was spent talking to Leili with the help of an interpreter. She was then baptised and welcomed into the church. All present signed a copy of The New Life in Christ for our new sister. Afterwards, we shared a meal, which helped to encourage fellowship across national and racial boundaries. The next morning began with a memorial meeting where Stephen spoke about lessons from Noah. We were joined later by our contacts for Paul’s talk on "God’s Reward for the Faithful" translated into Estonian and Russian.

Malcolm, Stephen and Lisa then travelled to Tartu in south-east Estonia. We made home visits to sister Velta and sister Anne; later on our new sister Leili visited us at our guest house for discussion based on The Statement of Faith, using Russian text and references to overcome the language difficulty. Members and friends attended the evening Bible class on "Life after Death" and shared coffee and cake, and we finished with the Breaking of Bread. Our translator had travelled from Tallinn and returned after our meetings.

We travelled west to Viljandi and met our interpreter there, who asked about the recent war between Israel and Lebanon. We talked for some time about Jew and Arab, human nature, and the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Thursday, snow was falling and settling! Stephen & Lisa took the 6 am bus to Tallinn for a ferry to Helsinki and plane to Copenhagen. Malcolm took the bus to Parnu and contacted several sisters and friends there. Six friends attended an early evening Bible class on "Life after Death".

Malcolm Smith

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