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Estonia diary 2006

Two friends discuss the Bible

Two friends discuss the Bible

Saturday, Tallinn. We began with a Bible class at a city centre school on "The Resurrection of Christ"; 12 friends were present together with our two interpreters - one Estonian and one Russian. One of the contacts asked for leaflets to display at work and another said he wanted to join us. Another old friend whom we had missed during several visits had returned after 10 months in Russia. During the afternoon we travelled 120 miles by bus to an ancient university town in the south-east of Estonia.

Sunday, Tartu. The morning meeting was a repeat of the Bible class on resurrection, followed by a Breaking of Bread with our three Estonia sisters, witnessed by several friends, one of who had travelled for two hours that morning to be with us. Our interpreter also had made the journey from Tallinn that morning and returned there straight after the meeting because her three year-old son was ill with a high temperature - she had made the effort to travel all that way because she didn’t want to let us down! After the meeting one of our friends rove us to her home at Saadjärve, where we had a pleasant time with her and her English-speaking friend and a long discussion about the Bible.

Monday, Tartu. We visited Sister Anne at her village just outside Tartu to discuss the progress of her correspondence course students, then returned to Tartu to catch a bus to Viljandi where we often visit an elderly couple who enjoy Bible talks with us and an English teacher who interprets for them.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Pärnu. We were able to contact two sisters and several friends. 7 attended the Bible class on Tuesday evening. Our interpreter and two others joined us for a meal after the class.

Thursday, Tallinn. We returned for an evening Bible class on "A New World Coming - God’s Kingdom on Earth".

Friday, Tallinn. After visiting the Estonian Bible Society for another Russian Bible, we accepted an invitation to the home of one of our friends where two others were present. We were entertained to lunch and were able to talk about faith, tradition and the authority of Bible; they seemed willing to get together to discuss Bible teaching, and we left literature for them to study.

Malcolm Smith

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