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Do you speak English? Your command of the English language is a valuable asset which could be used to further the work of the CBM. It gives you the chance to work overseas as an EFL teacher (EFL=English as a Foreign Language).

It therefore provides a way in which you can live in a foreign country, with sufficient income to maintain yourself and the opportunity to do missionary work.

If you read the Bible Missionary, you will know that there is a continuing need for resident workers - people on the ground who can maintain interest and support contacts in a way in which six-monthly visits from the UK cannot.

Until now it has been difficult for those wishing to spend extended periods overseas to do this to find suitable opportunities. But now there is a great demand for English teachers.

The minimum qualifications are usually a native command of English, a degree, and a basic EFL qualification - this can be obtained in a four-week intensive course at many centres throughout Britain.

Jobs are regularly advertised in The Times Educational Supplement and the Education Guardian.

If you are a graduate and would like to give a year or so to the Lord's service, why not consider this possibility? The adverts are examples of what could await you.