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Into all the world Into All the World
A personal view of preaching abroad in the Last Days

by Stanley Owen

This is a fascinating record of the spreading of the gospel around the world in the post-war years, and one which Stanley Owen, for many years Secretary of the CBM and later its Chairman, is uniquely qualified to write.

The main content of this book relates to the immensely fruitful results granted the Bible Mission since its foundation in 1955. It is not just a case of counting the number of baptisms that took place, though in some areas these have been remarkable, but of considering also the wide spread of the gospel, in fact "into all the world".

Stanley has divided the mission world as it has developed into the following main areas: the Caribbean, Africa, the Far East, the Americas, and Europe. In covering such vast territories he has included much information about the formation and continuing work of the CBM of the Americas and the Australasian CBM.

Not content with this, he has looked forward, in one of the concluding chapters, to even further possibilities of coverage, north, south, east and west. In this context he also mentions the work of the Esperanto teams, which was so important initially in East Europe and Soviet satellite countries and which still continues in widely separated countries all over the world where otherwise the language barrier would be impenetrable.

For those who are left at home he also has a section. Acknowledging the sacrifices made by such brothers and sisters, he goes on to talk about ecclesial involvement, explains how the CBM works and pays tribute to the over 1,000 correspondence tutors. After summarising some of the great landmarks of the past, he takes stock of the present and, in optimistic vein, he looks to future possibilities, ending with a "call to arms".

There is so much of valuable information to learn from this book. Those who have not the opportunity to travel will find their horizons relating to ecclesial life vastly increased, providing a greater sense of the "whole family in the Lord Jesus Christ". For missionary workers I would think that it would become an indispensable item of kit, wherever they go, both for its information and, with its many stories, for that lighter side which can give relief from the arduous and sometimes daunting.

Into all the World is available from the .

Review by Mac Roberts