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Learn a language


Much of the CBM's work has been in English-speaking countries - for obvious reasons. But there are also many opportunities to preach in non-English-speaking countries - opportunities which are often missed because there are not enough people who speak the language. This is especially important in the early stages of work in any country, until there is a nucleus of local brothers and sisters who can carry on the work.

The CBM can always use people who can speak a foreign language, firstly in correspondence work, and then on visits. A look through the country list will show what languages are needed.

French is useful, because it is spoken in African countries such as Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mauritius and Togo. Portuguese is useful for Mozambique. Spanish is useful in the Americas (the responsibility of the CBMA).

The new opportunities in East Europe are frustrated by language problems too. Anyone with a knowledge of Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Estonian, or any other East European language could make a valuable contribution.

Languages are most easily learned when you are young. So these are things to bear in mind when choosing a subject for further education or evening classes.