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The Giving Machine

The Giving MachineDo you shop online? Did you know that you can generate free cash donations for the Christadelphian Bible Mission every time you shop online? By utilising a simple commission device set up by many online shops, The Giving Machine is able to donate money to the CBM as a result of your online transactions. It will not cost you anything extra – the commission from the online shop is paid to the Giving Machine which then passes on at least 75% of the commission earned on your transaction to CBM.

It is simple to set up:

  1. Go to www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk
  2. Join as a shopper/giver
  3. Choose to support "Christadelphian Bible Mission"
  4. Download the Giving Machine icon to your desktop
  5. Remember to shop at The Giving Machine every time you shop

You will find numerous shops at the Giving Machine. Many pay commission on all purchases, some (including Tesco and Asda) only pay on certain purchases. Each shop and its trading terms are listed on the Giving Machine website.

This is a painless way to raise extra income for CBM that would otherwise be lost. Please encourage other members of your ecclesia and your family to register and use this service to benefit CBM.