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Gift Aid

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If you are a taxpayer, you can make your donations to the CBM go further by using Gift Aid. Because the donation is made out of income on which tax has been paid, CBM can reclaim that tax. From 6 April 2011 the amount recoverable is 25% of the amount paid. This means that for a donation of 100, CBM can recover 25 from HM Revenue and Customs.

You can use Gift Aid for regular donations (by standing order, for example) or for one-off donations. The Inland Revenue no longer supplies Gift Aid forms; the CBM has therefore produced its own Gift Aid form, which has a Bank Standing Order form attached.

If you wish to make use of Gift Aid to make your donation to the CBM go further, download the Gift Aid form (PDF format) to print out, fill in and return to the Treasurer (address on form).

To download the form, right-click on the link and select Save Target As.

For further information, please contact the Treasurer.