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Who are the Christadelphians?

An Apostolic Fellowship

The Name "Christadelphians"

A Distinctive Foundation

The Whole Bible

God, Creator and Father

The Vital Earth

Israel in God's Purpose

Promises to the Patriarchs

The Truth about Mankind

Man is Mortal

The Nature of Jesus

Son of God not God the Son

The Devil and Satan

The Good News


The Kingdom of God

When Christ Comes...

The Life of Discipleship

Peace of Mind

The Truth about Mankind

From the dawn of history men have sought consolation in pleasing views about themselves and their ultimate fate, because in this way their natural desires have been satisfied. The Bible, however, encourages no wishful thinking about human nature. It is utterly realistic about ourselves, our powers and our weaknesses. We were created, so it tells us, "in the image of God"; that is, we have been given wonderful powers of mind. We can reason; we have a power of conscience, warning us when wrong is being done; and we have a power of will, enabling us to make decisions affecting our conduct and so our lives.

Yet we have strong natural desires which demand satisfaction: the pressure to indulge ourselves in many ways, to acquire material possessions, and to defend our pride. Human history is a record of the way in which men and women have allowed their desires to dominate them. Strife and suffering have been the inevitable result.