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Who are the Christadelphians?

An Apostolic Fellowship

The Name "Christadelphians"

A Distinctive Foundation

The Whole Bible

God, Creator and Father

The Vital Earth

Israel in God's Purpose

Promises to the Patriarchs

The Truth about Mankind

Man is Mortal

The Nature of Jesus

Son of God not God the Son

The Devil and Satan

The Good News


The Kingdom of God

When Christ Comes...

The Life of Discipleship

Peace of Mind

The Name "Christadelphians"

In the early days, members found that to preserve their identity they had to give themselves a name. "Christadelphians" was chosen because it means "brothers (and of course sisters) in Christ". It has been used to distinguish the community for more than 140 years.

Since 1864 The Christadelphian Magazine has appeared monthly, issued from Birmingham, U.K. It provides informative articles and contains items of news from the ecclesias worldwide. Pamphlets and books are also produced for the use of members and their friends. Other organizations throughout the world promote the preaching of the Gospel in areas where the ecclesia is small or non-existent, and there are special committees responsible for preaching the Gospel in other countries. Still another organization circulates typed exhortations and Bible studies to those members who live some distance from an ecclesia.

The care of the infirm and the elderly has been seen as a pressing need: there are several Homes in various countries. Voluntary contributions are made to help individual members in need.