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Who are the Christadelphians?

An Apostolic Fellowship

The Name "Christadelphians"

A Distinctive Foundation

The Whole Bible

God, Creator and Father

The Vital Earth

Israel in God's Purpose

Promises to the Patriarchs

The Truth about Mankind

Man is Mortal

The Nature of Jesus

Son of God not God the Son

The Devil and Satan

The Good News


The Kingdom of God

When Christ Comes...

The Life of Discipleship

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

But the greatest impact is in the believer's personal life. He has had his eyes opened to the self-indulgence, the greed and the pride which are so evident in human society. He has the example of Christ, who put away these natural desires in order to do the will of God. Recognising the great grace he has received in the forgiveness of sins and in reconciliation with God, the servant of Christ seeks to extend the same love, mercy and kindness to others, to speak the truth and to act honestly in all his dealings. Though the ideal is not always attained, owing to human weakness, its recognition produces a calm and peaceful attitude of great comfort in this turbulent age.

Christadelphians know from the Scriptures that the present age of man's dominion is coming to an end. While there is still time, they invite all to examine - or re-examine - the true teachings of the Bible. Once he has understood "the truth", the sincere enquirer will appreciate the new view he has gained, both of his own life and of the world in general. He will be better equipped to face that life as it is, with its mingled joy and sorrow, fortified by faith in the power of God and in the truth of His Word, sustained by the assurance that God is a merciful Father and that Jesus is his intercessor; in this life of service and faith, he will enjoy the encouraging fellowship of others who believe the same things.

God is still calling out a people for His Kingdom. Your future depends on your response!